Research & Training

More than 15 years lecturing nationally and internationally for a variety of universities, colleges and training organisations.

NeuroAffective-CBT is a cognitive-behavioural method developed and refined over more than 12 years by Daniel Mirea, senior lecturer and consultant psychotherapist. This model evolved alongside the latest generation of CBT therapies, in response to a need to better understand and better respond to deeply rooted emotions that feel too complex or too confusing. Often such emotions are difficult to describe and may fall under the low self-esteem umbrella, shame or guilt. Such affective responses are difficult to investigate or diagnose as they cross over into so many psychiatric disorders. Although a new and innovative therapy, NA-CBT is rooted in years of clinical practice and research on cognitive-behavioural techniques like meta-awareness, traumatic memory processing or imaginal exposure, which have placed CBT in a completely different league when it comes to treatment outcomes. 

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