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Profile & Qualifications

Daniel Mirea is an accredited CBT consultant, senior lecturer, researcher and writer who trained and worked with some of the most recognisable clinicians in the United States and UK over the years (i.e. Gilbert P,  Corrie S, Padesky C, Young J, Hays S, Linehan M, Emmy van Deurzen, etc.). He currently writes workshops, doctoral programmes and trains in different cognitive and behavioural approaches such as Exposure Therapy, Stress Inoculation, Cognitive Restructuring, Metacognitive Therapy, High & Low Intensity CBT, Clinical Hypnosis, EMDR, Mindfulness Therapy, DBT, ACT and NeuroAffective-CBT.

With a career spanning over 30 years in the mental health field, he is a fellow alumnus of King’s College and an accredited practitioner with BABCP and UKCP as well as a senior member associate at The Royal Society of Medicine, IACP and EMDR Association UK & Ireland. Having a particular interest in low self-esteem, childhood trauma and deeply rooted feelings of ‘shame and guilt’ Daniel Mirea developed his own behavioural models: NeuroAffective-CBT (shame/ self-disgust/ low self-esteem), Emotion-Focused CBT (interpersonal/relationship problems). Daniel Mirea has a long association with professional athletes, developed Sports-CBT as a method for enhancing performance and with London arts, theater and media community where he relies on NA-CBT and Vygotsky method acting to build resilience, manage performance anxiety and treat symptoms of clinical perfectionism.

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Professional experience

Over 30 years in the field of mental health, working in and out-patients clinics with severe and chronic adult and adolescent mental health problems (including personality disorders, PTSD and complex trauma, psychosis, mood disorders, anorexia, bulimia, BDD, OCD, bipolar, etc.).
Additional experience working with  addictions and dual disorders including misuse of alcohol and other substances (i.e. anabolic steroid or more common drugs), but also gambling or sex addiction.
Wide experience in one-to-one and group psychotherapy, also using Hypnosis, Mindfulness or EMDR as required by diagnosis.

Related activities

Senior lecturer and course leader in Cognitive Behavioural Therapies national and international portfolio including UK, US, Europe and Beijing.
Consultancy and advice on mental health business development, service provision and change management.
Clinical supervision offered to both frontline psychologists as well as clinical supervisors.
Medico-legal expertise and case management. 

Research & Publications

  • 2020: Several free publications can be downloaded from here
  • 2010 Featured in Falling between the same old cracks,  a study on the link between poor mental health and homelessness (download PDF)
  • 2008 ‘Translating Emotions’ – research on emotional well-being and emotional regulation culminating with the development of  NeuroAffective-CBT – an innovative model for the treatment of low self-esteem, shame and self-disgust.
  • 2007  FEARRS  – an innovative approach based on a comprehensive understanding of the psychopathology of adolescent homeless population in London.
  • 2006: the development of the mental health department for Centrepoint (foundation under the patronage of the royal family), consisting of different therapeutic services offered to adolescents (16 to 25) with psychological and emotional problems.

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