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Find a therapist

A good starting point is this site...

You can make contact by email at or call 07720711781 for an informal and very brief assessment (that can take place over the phone). If I feel my experience can be used to alleviate your problems and improve your lifestyle I shall arrange an appointment with you for a further and more comprehensive assessment of your needs (or psychological evaluation) as soon as possible.


After a full assessment I will be able to propose a cognitive behavioural programme which usually lasts at least 3 months with weekly sessions. The therapy  can be extended to up to a year, but it is hoped that a change would be achieved within the first 20 sessions.

Alternatively you may want to arrange for an appointment with your General Practitioner.


Most GP's know of psychotherapists working within the National Health Service, who are trained to use the approach.


These can be professionals, such as Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Clinical Nurses, Counsellors, Social Workers or others.


It is important that you are referred to a therapist who has been properly trained in the use of all three waves of behavioural and cognitive psychotherapies.


Many trained Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists operate within National Health Service or Social Services settings. All of these psychotherapists are members of BABCP (British Association of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapies).


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Other alternative solutions

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